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Jhakaas Man Wallet

1. What is Jhakaas man Wallet?

Jhakaas Wallet is a virtual currency purse. You can add money and spend balance from your Jhakaas Man Wallet. It helps you to place orders faster, and save on every order through the promotional offers run by Jhakaas. Rs.1 balance in Jhakaas Wallet is equivalent to 1 Indian Rupee.
Jhakaas Man Wallet contains Jhakaas Man Cash. This amount can be added to the wallet through a Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, or BHIM UPI options. Jhakaas Wallet can hold up to Rs. 10,000 and has no expiration date. Jhakaas Man Rewards: This stores the balance that you received as *cashback* through some promotional offers run by Jhakaas Man e-retail company Rewards expire in 6 months. 

2. What are the benefits of Jhakaas Man Wallet?

“Jhakaas Man Wallet provides several benefits: Quick Refunds: Get refunds within 20-24 hours of cancellation/returns. One-Tap Payment: No need to share card details/OTP/ PIN. Pay with one tap. Special Offers: Always save when you pay through Jhakaas Wallet with amazing cashback offers.

3. How do I add money into my Jhakaas Man Wallet?

Currently, you may use your Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, or BHIM UPI options to add money to Jhakaas Man Wallet.

4. Can I use the balance in my Jhakaas Man Wallet with other payment modes?

In case you are short of balance in your Jhakaas man Wallet, you can either add the remaining amount to the wallet (using your Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, or BHIM UPI) and place the order, or the balance amount can be paid by clubbing with other payment options.

5. Can I transfer balance to my bank account from my Jhakaas Man Wallet?

You cannot transfer the balance from your jhakaas man Wallet to your Bank account. It can only be used to purchase products/services at jhakaas man e-retail company.

6. How do I place an order through Jhakaas man Wallet on Desktop/msite?

Currently, Jhakaas man Wallet is available only on our Website. We are building this feature for theAndroid and iOS app, stay tuned!

7. I placed an order through Jhakaas man Wallet but didn’t receive cashback as promised. What do I do?

Cashback for orders placed is credited post-delivery of the products. Please check the offer terms and conditions for more details.

8. What is Jhakaas man Rewards?

Jhakaas man Rewards stores the balance that you received as cashback through some promotional offers run by Jhakaas man. The balance in Jhakaas Rewards has an expiry of 1 month to 6 months from the date it is credited to your wallet.

9. What is Jhakaas man Cash?

Jhakaas man Cash stores the balance that you add by making payment using your Debit/ Credit card, Netbanking, or BHIM UPI mode. In case of cancellation/return of your order, you can opt to get the refund amount into your Wallet. 

10. Can balance in my Wallet expire?

Jhakaas man Wallet has two currencies: jhakaas man Cash: Balance in jhakaas man Cash bucket would never expire. Jhakaas man Rewards: Balance in Jhakaas man Rewards bucket has an expiration between 1 month to 6 months (depending on the source of reward points) from the date of credit of the balance.

11. I tried to add money, the amount got debited from my bank account but it didn’t reflect in Jhakaas man Wallet. What do I do?

We regret the inconvenience. Sometimes the bank fails to notify us after the payment is successful. However, we sync the status of all payments every 30 minutes and credit the balance to your wallet in case it has not been credited. Please check your wallet after 30 minutes. If the issue is still not resolved, please contact our customer care team by creating a ticket or social media.

12. Can I use Jhakaas man Wallet balance outside Jhakaas man with some other ecommerce sites?

Jhakaas man Wallet balance cannot be used outside Jhakaas man platforms. It can be used only on the jhakaaMan.com site/app to purchase goods and services.

13. Where would I receive refund if I placed order through Jhakaas man Wallet?

The refund amount would be credited to your Jhakaas man Wallet. This amount will expire in 1 year.

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