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Gift Wrap

  1. Can I do a Cash On Delivery gift wrapped order?

No. We only allow prepaid payments for gift wrap orders. 

2. How much do I have to pay for gift-wrapped orders?

We currently charge Rs.50 for gift wrap orders. The recipient will get an outer gift box packaging and a gift card with a personalized message.

3. How can I place gift wrap orders?

You will see an \” Add Gift Box\” button on your shopping cart below the item list. Enter the personal message that you want to be printed on your gift card. You can choose to get a blank gift card if you want to write your own handwritten message. Currently, the gift wrap option is only enabled on the website, IOS, and Android app. Also, we don’t allow gift wrapping for all items. So if you are not getting an option to gift to wrap your order, it could be because of the above-mentioned reasons.

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