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Authenticity and Genuineness

  1. What measures does jhakaas Man take to ensure the quality of jhakaas Man products?

We at jhakaas Man are fully dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. Rest assured that jhakaas Man products are genuine and authentic. We do not accept any grey market products. We only buy our inventory from the brand or authorized distributors of the brand. Read more about the jhakaas Man Guarantee. Learn More

2. What measures does Jhakaas Man take to ensure the products are not damaged during delivery?

We at Jhakaas Man maintain a very high level of quality control and to date, we have received minimal complaints about the quality of our packaging. Furthermore, less than 0.2% of the products we ship in a year are returned to us as damaged. To ensure your products remain undamaged during the shipping process, we package our products in boxes, which are covered in plastic layers. Each individual product is then packaged in bubble wrap while fragile items like bottles are safely secured with additional bubble wrap.

3. Do the storage systems ensure that the quality of the product is intact?

95% of our inventory is kept in our warehouse. Since we only sell our freshest products, the remaining 5% of our stock is sourced from the brand as soon you place your order. This would take an additional 2-3 days for delivery.

4. What about Warranty and Benefit claims of the products?

We are a retailer and not the manufacturer of the products sold on our website. We guarantee you genuine products by sourcing all items directly from brands and authorized distributors and resellers of the products, but cannot undertake the responsibility for the claims of warranty and benefits made by the manufacturer.

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